Thursday, March 09, 2006

An Introduction to e-Currency

What is E-Currency?

The "E" of E-Currency stands for "electronic" in which means the currency used on the internet related field just like e-mail.

There are several benefits of using E-currency such as egold and pay pal.

The e-currency can be used on the internet related commercial applications such as network shopping and doing some investments via the internet.

The using of the e-currency for example egold and pay pal brings people a new way not to use their credit card as the only payment method on the internet since sometimes there exists a big risk to provide your credit card information to the merchant you do not know them very well and far away in the other side of the earth.

The e-currency service such as egold pay pal and ebullion provides both the buyer and merchant the convenient way to send and receive the payment just by clicking the "confirm button and the deal is done. None of the payment method in the world right now can provide this kind of efficiency capability.

The discovery of e-currency also provides some local merchants a good chance to expand their business capability from their local area to the world via the internet. They can build up their own payment system such as shopping cart provided by most of the e-currency service company easily. After receive the payment order they can ship their products through the world wide logistic service companies like UPS, DHL, and FEDEX.

In an overview of e-currency, it will bring or create a whole new internet application just like credit card before. So knowing more information about e-currency is getting more and more important because it will become part of our life soon.


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